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10 SVT Missions

10 SVT Missions


SVT missions are commune solutions
working in this Global Mess!!
Unite Light, Places and Time,
artistic creative actions as forward Light can Be
for New Education and Aware Communities!!!
Being Universal Assistant is,
doing what has to be done and no one else do!!


a few samples
activations in EU Lightcities 1998
2002  morgue crew  Bomb Kuta Bali
mission South America to get back on track SV in Spanish and Portuguese

similar Eulat activation Europe in 2007  Summer festival 13:20 activation!!!
I receive this mission "Crystal Dragon"
as urge to clean up this Earth,
from the last sticky Souls slaughtered Here on the planet,
long time ago!
So they can join back Total Soul to Be Re-Birthed.....
Our Indigo, Crystal Masters!!
So we can enter this new cycle with full clean Awareness!!!



2010 the universe (GC) points us direction Peru!

Save land for the shift!

We need to make creative communities,

making a place for 100 travelers to work!

Planting...harvesting, milking and baking,

A living production of joy!

Mission Peru happen from June 2010 till May 2011!!!!!!!!

you received the call?

we still waiting for you!!!

Scouted 3 places in Peru, 3 in Brazil, 3 Argentina and 3 in Chile!!!
Ready to go!!!

in lak'ech

July 2010
Solar Eclipse Easter Island,

was already 17 years on my ecliptic calendar!!!

Main while Bali we have a very good team and sphere!

To unite the family we organized 2 festivals in 2009,

Awaredance on mt Batur Kintamani and Vayeb'Ku mt Agung!

Two Bali volcanos, aware actications!!!

Before going mission Peru again,
we organize Awaredance 2 on mt Batur,
8-10 May 2010,

that activation South Americas 11 months was a succses,
initiation wise, but receive to bring people together!!
Awaredance 3 Bali and Vayeb'Ku 2 also Sitaram festival
made the Syncronizer 9x9 map and
splitting my whole site in two parts!

GC Sitaram Syncro 2012 is born,
fresh, social SVT network, on NoW, join,
we need your clearness and questions...

Awaredance 4 in Bali was a sucses, but was deported from Bali
direct after this sublime activation and 18 Years BALI,my base!!!

Than the last EU summer festival activation!

NO Solar Eclipse in Caines Australia for me, will have to cancel.
MOST important is the preparation of the Cosmic Party....
Lets have AWARE Fun!!!

So  Next mission was preparing the Cosmic Featherd Snake party,
Alpha Kumba Aum Festival, 13 day tonal tune up,
the Vessel of Transformation!! Radjastan India opening ceremony 20 october 2012,we start to prepare on the Crystal back to Earth Day!!
All ready, but spaceship was build for 300 spacecadets,
only 35 here, was cancelled second day!!!!!

Next mission, building the Temple of One,
with a sustainable community around, direction Australia!!

and AwareDance 2014 in Queensland


the whole SV is written for this purpose to Be ready
for global clean up and more Fun,
only possible with Aware Beings!!!!
Welcome aboard!!


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